Medal Inc.


🔒 My latest work for Medal is not public. If you'd like to know more, please visit their website or send me a note.


Medal started out as a platform to refine health data. Their missions was to reduce clutter and inefficient workflows by extracting necessary patient data and feeding it into a network that could help providers give better care by sharing non-PHI information. 


I was brought onto the team to:

  • Assist in updating the Medal brand style

  • Design new features for the Medal App

  • Own the product design cycle for the API Integration Portal

  • Lead user research efforts to better understand pain-points and how to improve on existing features

Brand Illustrations

In preparation for our booth presence at HIMSS 2018, it was imperative that we had a cohesive brand to represent us on our website and marketing collateral. I didn't want to stray too far from the roots of the brand, so I kept the core colors and the logo the same.

When I started as the sole designer at Medal, it was brought to my attention that the visual design of the brand needed a bit of work. The brand had a modern, yet clinical feel. At the time, we wanted to make the brand more empathetic, warm, inviting - human.

I started by creating a sprite sheet. Sprite sheets were an old tool I used during my short stint at developing mobile games where I needed to create animations for characters, but needed to save time by creating pre-fabricated components. This modular strategy allowed me to create a wide variety of illustrations in a matter of minutes.


Here are some examples of "complete" humans that can also be found on Medal's website. As the brand evolved, I started to create different outfits to cater to our non-clinician audience.


To blend our more abstract concepts with our human illustrations, I experimented with the color palettes.


We started using an intricate diagram of our platform, which featured all sorts of colors, shapes, and lines. It was a far stretch from anything our brand had tried, but it also demonstrated our evolution as a company.

Business goals evolved, and we were now going to be shipping out API as a product. To me, it was a challenge trying to visualize what "data" or "API" could even look like.

In the end, this was a fun exercise in harmonious color and style integration. I included these in our asset library for teams to use in their presentations - and maybe eventually, to use in our website.