Agenda Items


How can we improve the one-to-one meetings between employee and manager?

The 1x1 agenda feature allows employees and their manager to take notes in a shared space and on the "My Team" and "My Feedback" pages.


These notes can be used as agenda items, feedback, to-do list etc., with the aim of facilitating 1x1 discussions.


Managers & Employee

that need to facilitate 1-on-1 meetings with each other and a way to keep track of historical topics during review cycles.

A successful 1x1 meeting involves creating a space where individuals can feel comfortable expressing their ideas. From an employee-manager relationship, topics can range from day-to-day operations, growing concerns, issues they may want to only discuss in private, etc. 


Web UX Designer (That's Me!)
Product Lead

This feature was initially asked by the CEO, though I worked primarily with the product lead through the design process. I received all details for this project through email correspondence and a Jira ticket.


  • Agenda will auto-save as the user types

  • If either the manager or employee clicks on "Start New Agenda" it would clear the agenda and start a new on

  • On the "My Team" Page, we need to create a new type of newsfeed entry for these new Agenda Notes

  • We need a way of titling each Agenda Note entry, as there will be multiple Entries (about 1 per week)


1-2 sprints (or as soon as possible)



The goal was to have a small window, with text-editing capabilities, appear to the right of the email thread, so that users can record potential topics they'd like to cover in their next 1x1 while reading through emails.


This helps set them up for a productive meeting, as they will be able to come prepared with a list of topics, leading to better focus and, hopefully, a better relationship with their team and manager. Users could also give real-time feedback or send a "Thanks" to others on their team.


To have clear workflows for the manager and the employee experience, we broke up how they would each use the tool.

Managers would have a separate 1x1 agenda for each of their direct reports. If viewing a profile of any direct report in the email plugin or the "My Team" page in the web app, managers will have access to that agenda with that employee.

Employees will have an agenda with their own manager. If they view their own profile of their manager's profile in the email plugin or the "My Feedback" page in the web app, they will have access to this agenda.



Using existing styles from the Reflektive web app, I mocked up a first pass of the Agenda plugin feature. This window would display to the right of an email a thread and allows users to search specific people to write agenda items for, give "Thanks" and save notes for private discussion (either during performance reviews, feedback, or for their 1x1). I kept the style as simple as possible so that it could blend in with the email client. 

We choose to display personal goals underneath to provide context on what this person is trying to accomplish and to help focus content for the 1x1 Agenda. To edit an agenda, the user would just hover and click in the text window. Basic formatting options are there to aid in organization. We decided to add a "Save" button to make our users feel secure that their agendas were saving (even though it autosaves).



After mock-up review, I got feedback from the team about what might work better. The feedback included making the hover state for the text window more obvious as to the action that will occur once clicked and making the "Save" button more obvious and clickable. 

​Notable Changes

  • Brought the formatting icons and save button inside the text window with a divider to lump related elements

  • Made the "Save" text button and actual button

  • Added a pencil/edit icon for the hover state to hint that the area is editable



The agenda items our users write up in their email will show up on either the "My Feedback" page or the "My Team" page. 

We kept the styling similar, but not exactly the same. Formatting options are still present, as is the "Save" button. We added a timestamp to the top-right corner to show when the agenda was last saved (or autosaved).

We thought about having a "Start New Agenda" button, but opted to reduce the number of clicks by only having one live agenda users could refer to. This simplified both the email plugin and web app view and functionality.


It's been years since I worked on this feature. I believe it's considered a "Legacy" version at this point. At the time, I wished that they had the resources to update their style guide. To me, the blue and green was still distracting and didn't seem to blend in the best with most email clients - but it was visually consistent with what their web app looked like at the time.

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Agenda Items

To help our users facilitate product 1x1 meetings, we created an agenda tool to integrate with their email client and the web app.

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